Edmund Rice Week

Edmund Rice Week began on Monday, 30th April and ended on his Feast Day, Saturday, 5th May.

This is a particularly significant year as 2012 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Blessed Edmund Rice.



Mount Sion, Waterford    Edmund Rice Week 2012   

St. Mary’s CBGS

  1. Form period class prayer service on Friday May 4th.
  2. Callan Trip for winners of the Edmund Rice Project Award.
  3. Foyer display and Edmund Rice projects showcased.
  4. PA Prayer on the role and importance of Edmund. (Linked to the theme “Edmund – a man for today”)
  5. Rolling foyer “Big Screen” display of PowerPoint on Edmund Rice quotes and reflections.
  6. Email reminder to all teaching staff to pray the Edmund Rice prayer each day of that week to commence each class.
St. Colman’s Abbey Primary School
St. Colman’s celebrated the Feast Day of Blessed Edmund with Mass in the Cathedral, Newry. They were accompanied by other Edmund Rice primary schools. The School Chaplain, Fr. Stanislaus, in his sermon spoke about the life of Blessed Edmund and the influence he had, not only in Ireland, but throughout the world.
The pupils’ singing, readings and Prayers of the Faithful greatly enhanced a very memorable occasion.
The school then hosted the Edmund Rice Awards (Primary).