A gathering of school representatives was held in Emmaus to share experiences, good practice and challenges with regard to Immersion projects. Planning for the future and updating the present guidance handbook was initiated with the agreement from all to build greater co-operatation and sharing under the banner of Edmund Rice Education Beyond Boarders.

Representatives from Ireland, North and South and from England were present.
The North was represented by John Martin (St Mary’s CBGS),  Caoimhín de Búrca (Edmund Rice Schools Trust), Cormac McArt (Westcourt Centre) and Aidan Donaldson (Westcourt Centre).

Letter from Ann Nichols (Edmund Rice Education England) 

Dear All,

Thank you for your valuable input at the Immersion meeting last Thursday. I am in the process of collating all the feedback into the relevant sections and I will ensure this reaches you as soon as I can.
I hope we will be able to se this as the basis for a new European Province Immersion Handbook which will support and guide schools who need it across our branch of the Global Network.
This email is obviously being sent out to those who left me their email addresses last week, please do encourage anyone else you know with experience of Immersion and who you think needs to be involved by sending me their details and by forwarding this to them. We should then build up a strong group of people to consult on the handbook.
Looking forward to collaborating further and sharing more good practice in terms of the Immersion experience we offer our students.
Best wishes,
Ann Nichols.