Staff – Edmund Rice PS



Mr Jim Devine

Mr Jim Devine

Mr John Devine: Last Principal (to August 2013), Mr Paul Sloan, Br Hugh Moloney (1978 – ?),
Br Jack Lynch (1973-’78), Br O. O’Byrne (1971-’73)
Br Dessie Young (1968-71), Br D. McDermott (1967-’68)

Mr J Barbour, Mrs C Boden, Mrs F Curran, Mr R Delargy, D Donnelly, Miss C Flynn, Mrs D Gunning, Mr Dónal Kennedy,   N Lyons, Miss M McAuley, A McCrory, Mrs B McGivern, E McGrath, Mrs McKeever, Mr Anthony 
McLaughlin: Last Vice-Principal (to August 2013). Mrs Evelyn McCurry,  Mrs M McEvoy, Miss E McMahon, Mrs McMahon, Mr D Moore, Mrs O’Donnell, Mr G O’Kane, Mr N Privilege, S Rafferty, Mrs V Scott, Mr P Trainor, Miss C Walls, 



Mrs B Carson: Supervisory Staff (1990s), Mrs M Curly: Supervisory Staff (1990s), Mrs R Darby: Supervisory Staff (1990s), Mrs Hilda Dunbar: One of the first school cleaners (1970). Br Young raised her wages from £2 per week to £2.50. Fr G Hasson C.S.Sp: School Chaplain.  Mr Frank Kerr: School caretaker. Mrs Josephine Kerr: (1970-’80s) One of the first classroom assistants and then school caretaker. Mr J Loughlin: Supervisory Staff (1990s), Mrs K Irvine: Supervisory Staff (1990s), Mrs Gráinne McCann: School Secretary (1990s to August 2013), Mrs M McCoey: Canteen (1990s),   Mrs O McWilliams: Supervisory Staff (1990s), Mrs R O’Donnell: Canteen (1990s), Mrs V Osborne: Supervisory Staff (1990s),