Hardinge St – Past Pupils – 1960s


Fr Joe Benson

Fr Joe Benson

Benson, Joseph (Fr): 1964 – 1969.  Attended UCG – 1971 – 1974. St. Joseph’s College of Education, (Trench House ) 1976 – 1980. Priest of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, U.S.A 1984 to present. A Church on Dauphine Street – YouTube  (After Hurricane Katrina).
Brady, Colin (Mr): Office Manager, Ulster Business Equipment.
Byrne, Proinnsias (Mr):
 Production Co-ordinator at Belfast City Council.
Campbell, Paul (Mr): Teacher
Corrigan, Jim (Mr): Early ’60s.
Donnelly, Pat (Mr): Retired. Living in Canada.
Drain, Paul (Mr):  Former Teacher, St Genevieve’s.
Grehan, Gerry (Mr): Former Director in a shipping company.
McAreavey, Liam (Mr): RIP. Technician in St Louise’s and Little Flower. Taught photography in Millfield Technology College.
McCallion, Andy (Mr): GAA Coach
McCann, Felix (Mr): B.Eng. Lecturer.
McCormick, John (Mr): Final Year: 1964. Retired Teacher of Mathematics in London. Former pupil of Oxford St Primary.
McKinney, Daniel Oliver (Mr): Former accountant.
Shannon, Brian (Mr): Self-employed. Formerly surveying at Ordinance Survey NI
Taylor, Noel (Mr): 
Sept ’61 to June ’66. Now retired & living in Australia.
White, Brian (Mr): 1960s-70s. Former Principal of St Malachy’s PS, Belfast  and former President of the CBPPU.

I am currently retired. Br. McGirr was the principal at the primary school during my time there and Br. O’ Connell was principal at Hardinge Street. I also had Br. Deeny from Derry, as a teacher then did not know of Br. Denny as you have listed. Davy Rice, in addition to teaching science also coached our hurling team. He was also a great fiddle player who played at many a céilí. Was the John McCormick you have listed from Joy Street, if so we would have been in the same class. Hardinge Street under 15 football teams won the Ulster Championship Corn Na nÓg with Jim Aiken as Coach in around years 60/61 and 61/62. A great achievement for a school of, I think, less than 400 pupils at that time. The teams trained 5 days a week after school at Corrigan Park.
CBS Hardinge St 1960s

CBS Hardinge St 1960s

Can you name any of these?